Why Infrared Asphalt Repair is Perfect for Your Pavement or Parking?

 A Pavers and Driveways Construction Company for Infrared Asphalt Repair

All homeowners need to have a robust pavement, driveway and parking maintenance plan in his/her mind. This is required to extend the lifespan of the stretch or road or pavement. As a home driveway ages, Asphalt repair & maintenance work becomes necessary. Here in San Diego, CA, there are local paving & concrete contractors that help provide a cost-effective solution for all your pavement repair and resurfacing needs. You can always take their help in times of need. They are the guys to perform any kind of resurfacing, sealcoating or infrared Asphalt repairs. Let’s understand how such repair work is performed.

How Infrared Asphalt Repair is Done and Serves the Purpose

It is a perfect option for critical and complex repairs that don’t require extensive resurfacing work. It is carried out to repair and fill potholes, alligator cracks, gaps and crevices on the surface of Asphalt paving. In this particular process, the existing Asphalt layer on the pavement is heated, mixed with new asphalt and thereafter compacted freshly on the damaged or compromised surface of the pavement, driveway or the parking. Consult with one of the trusted pavers and driveways in San Diego companies, and understand the nitty gritties involved. Here’s how it is done by a professional paving contractor in town.

  • The selected area or pavement is cleaned from all the debris and loose materials. It is extensively dried-out, so that there is no obstruction in the infrared repair process from reaching or penetrating the surface.
  • An infrared heater or compacting machine is placed over the damaged area, and heated for 15-20 minutes. The time depends on the extent of the damage and season. The bigger the damage, the more time it takes.
  • Once the area is perfectly heated for the said duration or time, all the loose graves and particles are removed from the surface.
  • A rejuvenator is added to the damaged portion or area, replenishing the lost oils.
  • New Asphalt is mixed and added in a proper manner, without anything left ‘uneven’ or loose.
  • Once it is properly mixed, the entire stretch of the pavement or driveway is compacted with the help of a multi-ton roller in a flawless way.

Advantages of Infrared Repair

Due to the ‘controlled’ penetration of infrared rays, the damaged Asphalt surface can be repaired, without any problem of excessive burning, scaling-off, disintegrating or separating from the existing layer. When the Asphalt is mixed proportionately with the new material, it produces a smooth and seamless effect. This helps in preventing the moisture from penetrating the surface. Any certified concrete contractor in San Diego would go about the same way. Such a treatment of the surface can be performed all year round, irrespective of freezing cold or intense sunshine.

Well, you need to understand here that infrared repair & resurfacing work of the driveway or pavement is to prevent any further damage or deterioration to the existing surface. It cannot be taken as a permanent solution to Asphalt driveway damage. It cannot solve all your paving related woes and problems. Therefore, it is termed as a preventative maintenance method for fixing ‘immediate’ problems or surface damages.