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We mean quality paving services, as we’re a highly-rated concrete contractor in San Diego, CA, for years!

At Firestone Pavers, we know how to build stylish, long-lasting and hard-wearing driveways that are made from Asphalt & concrete, and are able to withstand the extremes of weather conditions. Rain or snow, our driveways, patios and walkways are made to last for generations. It is because we use premium quality materials while building pavers and driveways in San Diego that last for years to come.

If you’re thinking about hiring paving contractors, call us for an inspection at your home and get quotes for your project. We can also offer expert consultation on pavers installation, driveway repair or Asphalt paving through a team of expert paving professionals that know the in & out of residential paving, brick masonry & stone siding work.

We help you get a newly laid driveway of a fully redesigned courtyard with stylish concrete stamping work with hardened tiles, concrete slabs, stones and fly-ash made bricks that last for years, and are able to withstand the furies of Mother nature.

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Paving Contractors

Firestone Pavers is one of the top-rated paving contractors in San Diego, CA, with a unique way of functioning.

We are a full-service concrete driveway contractor in San Diego, with vast project experience in almost all types of residential outdoor construction and landscaping activities. Starting from paving installation to brick masonry, we have professionals for every construction domain. We repave, resurface, crackseal, redesign and relay a driveway with advanced concrete or Asphalt-Bitumen mix.

This is the reason why all homeowners hire our services when they think of redesigning and relaying their outdoor areas with quality building materials, and in a stylish manner. Our driveway repair services are regarded as a ‘value-for-money’ investment, as one such new construction lasts for years.

Concrete Contractors in

San Diego

Any type of concrete construction services, we’re the name to reckon and lookout for. In the area of pavers installation and concrete stamping, very few can match our skills. We source premium quality concrete stones, slabs, tiles, blocks & bricks in various new patterns and geometrical shapes.

It is the use of high-end building materials like rectangle or square concrete slabs & paving stones in the work of stamping that help provide a new look to the home exteriors. Apart from concrete paving & construction, we also specialize in brick masonry and stone siding work that enforces a home exterior or its facade.

Driveway Contractors in San Diego

It is our proven skills & experience in driveway construction that makes us different from the league.

We’re San Diego’s preferred driveway contractor, as we build driveways in Asphalt-Bitumen and pure concrete mix. We bring all the machinery and equipment on the project-site for the successful completion of any home project. And, at the end of the day, we clear the activity area of all the debris and waste material. This is why we have been a trusted driveway contractor for years now.

Now think of a hotel-like driveway at your home, when you’ve hired our services for building or relaying a driveway that extends from the main entrance gate, upto the garage.

Pavers Installation in

San Diego

We’re San Diego’s leading paver installer, as we help install a new walkway with stylish, modern and robust paving materials. In the area of concrete stamping and pavers installation, there are very few in this city that can match our skills & professionalism. So, hire us for any new paving construction activity at home. We offer:

  • Concrete paving services
  • Driveway construction services
  • Asphalt paving services
  • Concrete stamping services
  • Pavers installation services

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